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The Authentic Ampeg SVT Plugin

When Ampeg introduced the SVT® bass amplifier in 1969, the world had never seen or heard anything like it before. The 300-watt powerhouse with two massive cabinets containing eight ten-inch speakers each could easily hold its own alongside towering guitar amp stacks, and the sound it produced redefined electric bass tone. More than half-a-century later, the SVT remains the undisputed king of bass amplification and the first choice of performing bassists worldwide. Now, the SVT Suite bass amplification plugin brings that same legendary Ampeg® SVT tone to your digital audio workstation—and the plugin’s photorealistic interface makes using it a familiar experience.





The SVT Suite plugin features three of the most sought-after SVT amp heads: The HeritageTM 50th Anniversary SVT, the Heritage SVT-CL, and the SVT-4PRO. The amps can be paired with any of eight diverse speaker cabinets and third-party IRs may also be loaded. Plus, Dual-Cab and Dual-IR modes allow two cabs or IRs to be used simultaneously. The cabinets may be miked with any of six virtual microphones (dynamic, condenser, and ribbon types), and you can adjust the position between the mics and the cabs, as well as blend in one of three stationary room mics. Models of the Ampeg Liquifier Analog Chorus, Opto Comp Analog Optical Compressor, and Scrambler Bass Overdrive pedals are also included, along with the new RocktaverTM and PhasifierTM effects. All this adds up to one extremely powerful bass amplifier plugin, offering nearly unlimited variations on authentic Ampeg SVT tone.


  • ● Authentic Ampeg bass amp tone
  • ● Photorealistic user interface
  • ● 3 Coveted SVT bass amplifiers
  • ● 8 Diverse bass speaker cabinets
  • ● 6 Microphones with adjustable positions
  • ● 5 Essential Ampeg bass effects
  • ● 50+ Factory, Artist, and Producers Presets
  • ● Ampeg SVT-DI parallel signal
  • ● Dual-Cab and Dual-IR modes
  • ● AU/AAX/VST plugin formats



SVT Suite features a photorealistic interface that ensures assembling your ideal bass rig and adjusting its controls is a simple and familiar experience—with Amp, Cab, and FX views. Go ahead, flip a switch or turn a knob, just like on a physical rig.


In addition to the classic Heritage SVT-CL and the popular tube/solid-state SVT-4PRO, SVT Suite includes the flagship Heritage 50th Anniversary head, which is actually two amps in one. One channel of the Heritage 50th Anniversary is based on the 1969 “Blue Line” circuit, while the other channel is based on the mid-1970s Magnavox-era circuit—and the two channels can be blended to create a wide range of unique new tones.




A wide range of small, medium, and large speaker cabinet options provides perfect amp and cab pairings for any recording or mixing situation—and Dual-Cab mode lets you run two at once. Cabinets include the Heritage SVT-810AV, Heritage SVT-410HLF, SVT-610HLF, SVT-15E, SVT-210AV, SVT-212AV, SVT-112AV, and the original “square-back” SVT-810 cabinet. Plus, SVT Suite supports IR loading, including two at once in Dual-IR mode.






SVT Suite features six moveable microphone models: Condenser 47, Dynamic 421, Dynamic 112, Ribbon 4038, Ribbon 20, and Ribbon 121. Additionally, there are three stationary room mic models that may be blended with the main microphones: Condenser 87, Condenser 414 (Omni pattern), and Condenser M30. And for those who prefer to add a parallel direct signal (or even go straight DI), there is a virtual version of the renowned SVT-DI studio direct box.




The tone-crafting capabilities provided by SVT Suite don’t end with selecting an amp and cab—you can also include up to five Ampeg effects in your signal chain. Virtual versions of the Liquifier Analog Chorus, Opto Comp Analog Optical Compressor, and Scrambler Bass Overdrive pedals, along with the new Roctaver octave divider and Phasifier phase-shifter effects enable you to dial up anything from subtle sonic enhancements to dramatic special effects—and the stompboxes can be arranged in any order on your virtual pedalboard.



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