• SVT-4PRO Bass Head

    SVT-4PRO Bass Head

    The SVT-4 PRO offers you more power, performance and flexibility than any other bass amplifier in its class.

  • SVT-3PRO Bass Head

    SVT-3PRO Bass Head

    There’s a reason this amp is a best seller—it delivers the goods! With up to 450 watts and the sweet sound of tubes, the SVT-3PRO is the top choice of rockers and funkmeisters around the globe.

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  • SVT-7PRO Bass Head

    SVT-7PRO Bass Head

    The SVT-7PRO pumps out a ferocious kilowatt of pure Ampeg tone in a compact design that weighs in at just 15lbs.

  • AFS2 Footswitch

    AFS2 Footswitch

    A roadworthy 2-button metal latching footswitch for use with any head or combo featuring switchable functions such as Mute, EQ, or SGTTM on/off*. A ten-foot right-angle/straight TRS cable is included.

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