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The SGT-DI™ preamp and DI gives modern bassists an entire rig in a single stompbox.

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The All-In-One Bass Box

The SGT-DI™ preamp and DI gives modern bassists an entire rig in a single stompbox. It delivers an enhanced Super Grit Technology™ overdrive circuit featuring iconic Ampeg SVT® and B15 voices, versatile 3-band EQ now with sweepable mids, Ultra-Hi and 3-way Ultra-Lo switches, a variable compressor, and an Aux /Headphone section. Plus! Introducing the first IR Loader/Cab Simulator from Ampeg. Choose from three classic factory cabs or up to three cabs of your own by using the free Ampeg IR Loader application. Combining time-tested Ampeg tone with modern capabilities, the SGT-DI demonstrates our commitment to honoring our legacy while also serving the needs of contemporary players.




● 3-Band EQ with sweepable mids

● SGT circuit with SVT and B15 voicing switch

● Onboard IR Loader/Cab Simulator

● Ultra-Hi and 3-way Ultra-Lo switches



● Variable 10:1 compressor

● Free Ampeg IR Loader application

● Aux /Headphone section

● Balanced XLR and ¼" line outputs




What is an IR and why should I care?
A speaker cabinet impulse response or “IR” is essentially a digital audio snapshot of a cabinet that captures the acoustic characteristics of that specific cab, along with the signal chain used to record it—microphone(s), preamp(s), cable, etc.—and the room in which it was recorded. IRs allow you to “virtually” switch between different cab sounds in the same way you would swap physical cabs.

SGT-DI is the first physical Ampeg product featuring IRs and IR loading.
SGT-DI comes with six preloaded Ampeg factory cab IRs, three of which may be replaced with your own:

CAB MODE includes Ampeg Heritage B-15, Heritage SVT-410HLF, and SVT-810 Squareback IRs.
USER MODE includes overwritable Ampeg SVT-112AV, SVT-210AV, and SVT-212AV IRs

The CAB LEVEL control enables you to adjust and save the amount of cab IR sound in your signal.
The IR OFF MODE bypasses the IR circuitry altogether.



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